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Pack On Pounds For The Holidays? No Thanks! Get Custom Fit. Stay Custom Fit.

Savannah celebrates the Holidays, and says NO THANKS to packing on pounds. Get fit CustomFit. Stay Custom Fit.

Despite seasonal triggers to overeat during the holidays, most people only gain around a pound. A pound isn’t a big deal. Right? Unless you put it on year after year. We get it. Our experts give you specific recommendations that work for your life and your body. 

Diet and exercise can be influenced by stress. We’ll work with you on stress management, weight loss, flexibility, and all the goals you want to target. CustomFit Center is Savannah’s unique solution to getting fit and staying fit. 

We have classes for all fitness levels. Want Bootcamp? We’ve got you, baby! Bootcamp Burn was created with you in mind. CustomFit also offers our own CustomMix Yoga. Beginners’ Classes? Flexibility Sessions? CustomFit Personal Trainers? Yes, yes, yes and yes. 

We offer pre-hab services – prepare for an upcoming surgery with one of our custom programs. We work with people of all ages and have extensive experience with Seniors. Becoming a CustomFit candidate is possible even if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery. 

Our experience and continuing education includes working alongside physical therapists to design a truly CustomFit experience for each of our clients. 

There’s no obligation to sign a long-term contract. We don’t even have contracts like other trainers and gyms require. Your only risk is missing out on getting to work with our fabulous trainers and teachers if you don’t give us a try. 

Can’t make it in person? Join one of the Zoom classes on our Facebook page! Together we can be CustomFit, no matter where we are. You are cordially invited. Experience a little of the best of Savannah from the comfort of your home or office. We look forward to working out with you. 

CustomFit Center, located at 101-A West Park Avenue alongside Forsyth Park in downtown Savannah GA


Health In Motion Savannah LLC, dba Cu­stomFit Center
101-A West Park Ave.
Savannah, GA 31401

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