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Running a race? Dealing with injuries? Pushing for a new “personal best”? Individual training is tailored to meet your goals and needs, based on your movement patterns, pain patterns and past — bringing you customized exercises to restore your optimal movement mechanics. We offer programs based on the Function Movement Screen system, Pilates Reformer workouts, even pre-hab and post-rehab in concert with your physical therapist.

Discover the difference at CustomFit Center.  No membership or initiation fees. Individualized personal training with the best personal trainers and class instructors in Savannah, and the comfort and peace of mind of working out in a private, well equipped fitness center.  We don’t do gimmicks, we don’t do “workouts of the month.” 

Getting in the door is the hardest part, and we guarantee you’ll feel better heading out after your training session. We use proven methods for delivering real fitness results – customized to your personal goals and abilities. Our Intro to CustomFit Personal Training Package is your pre-requisite for all Personal Training sessions. Call now (912) 441-4891 to schedule your Intro appointments.

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Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

FMS is based on the principle that most athletic injuries can be spotted before they occur due to muscle imbalance, tightness, or instability. The FMS identifies your strengths, weak spots, and overall fitness level to help prevent injury and help you get your best body yet with better movement patterns. No wonder it’s now the standard for training professional athletes and “special ops” military personnel. And here it is for you.  The Functional Movement Screen is included in our Intro To Customfit Package.  The fee is $75 for FMS only.

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