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What makes CustomFit different?


The Navy SEALs way to strength, flexibility, balance, core stability and a better metabolism. More


Joseph Pilates’ classic mat and reformer moves with extra intensity and variety. It may be just what you need today! More

Cardio Fitness

Torch those calories and increase energy with big muscle movements and big fun. More

Yoga + More

Boost strength, endurance and flexibility as you restore body and soul. More on yoga + other classes.

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Lose Weight

Fighting excess pounds? Our tailored training, classes and Precision Nutrition can really turn things around.

Avoid Injury

…or get better after one. Expert pre-hab (preventive) and post-injury training get and keep you going strong.

Build Muscle

Lots of serious exercise options, expert trainers and our FMS evaluation help you get stronger–safely!

Increase Energy

Boost your endurance, too. CustomFit classes, training and nutrition guidance help kick fatigue to the curb.

Train for a Race

Run faster, more efficiently and more safely with customized training and our popular PR Challenge.

Tone and Trim

…without being bored! CustomFit classes and small-group training make getting lean and fit fun.

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