Welcome Back to the Center for classes under strict guidelines requiring masks and distancing. CustomFit classes are led by some of Savannah’s favorite, most expert fitness professionals. Why not try one today? Multi-class plans and passes are available. Only classes on the schedule that say + Zoom are livestreaming. You’ll never have to make a membership commitment.

HIIT 2bFit + Zoom

Torch those calories, get those lungs and heart working-result: driving your energy through the roof! (H)igh (I)ntensity (I)nterval (T)raining ramps up the metabolism with bursts of intensity between moderate work.  Sign up.

BootCamp Burn

Have a heart pounding-muscle pumping workout “Boot Camp” Style. Push the basics to a new level. Sign up.

CustomCore Burn + Zoom

Feel the BURN in an “ab focused workout” that incorporates a a variety of tools and moves so your muscles are never bored. Sign up.

CustomMix Yoga

What body did you bring today? This Customized mixture of strength, endurance, and RESTORATION gets you mindfully moving. Sign up.

S.T.U.D. Boot Camp

This men’s only class, (S)trength (T)raining (U)nder (D)irection Bootcamp is about building better reflexes, muscle balance, power… and vitality!  Sign up.

CustomMax Circuit + Zoom

Get it ALL…use a variety of equipment in this circuit style class working the entire body. Sign up.


Pick the MOST efficient and fun piece of equipment-the TRX…Push your limits while building muscle and stamina. Sign up.

TRXtra + Zoom

Add a little of this and a little of that-the perfect recipe that results in SUCCESS! Using the very efficient TRX with other equipment like weights, gliders, physio-balls and SO MUCH MORE. Do you need a TRX at home to do TRXtra on Zoom? Nope, we will show you at-home modifications! Sign up.

Yoga For Runners + Zoom

Yoga for Runners, presented 6:15pm every Monday at CustomFit Center near beautiful Forsyth Park. Learn how much yoga improves your running! It all started 18 months ago a few steps away from Daffin Park through our friends at FLEET FEET SPORTS SAVANNAH, thank you FLEET FEET! Sign up.