CustomFit classes are led by some of Savannah’s favorite, most expert fitness professionals. Why not try one today? Multi-class plans and passes are available. But you’ll never have to make a membership commitment.


Invented by Navy SEALS, TRX suspension training is proven to build strength, balance, flexibility and core stability—along with overall metabolism. Guess that’s why it’s among our most popular classes! (If you’ve never tried TRX, come a few minutes early.)  Sign up.


Go with the flow in this smooth—but intense!—workout featuring TRX suspension equipment and the stability ball. Build strength, balance, flexibility and core fitness with balance-centric moves.  Sign up.


Another great way to cross-train your body, utilizing the TRX system in a Boot Camp. Skills and drills make for a basic and powerful class. Let’s MOVE it, MOVE it!  Sign up.

Bodyweight Boot Camp

Great news! You’ve been given the ultimate fitness equipment: your body. Now learn the most effective, safest ways to use it in a heart-pounding, muscle-pumping, limit-busting, circuit training workout.  Sign up.

S.T.U.D. Boot Camp

This men’s only class, (S)trength (T)raining (U)nder (D)irection Bootcamp is about building better reflexes, muscle balance, power… and vitality!  Sign up.

Max Mix with Yoga

Maximize your cardio effort, push your maximum strength higher and hotter, and then wind down with yummy yoga poses to relax and repair your body. Mmm…  Sign up.


A FANTASTIC way to balance out your other CustomFit classes. Experience yoga for the strength and endurance, and yes — the restoration!! A mix to give you what you need to get yourself mindfully moving. Remember, flexibility is not a pre-requisite for enjoying yoga. This is how you enjoy becoming more flexible.  Sign up.

Yoga For Runners at Fleet Feet

We are partnering with FLEET FEET SPORTS SAVANNAH at 3405 Waters Avenue, Savannah for Yoga for Runners, presented 6:30pm every Monday. Bring your mat and learn how much yoga improves your running! Just drop in and pay per class at the store.

Max Mix Core

Cross-training your core helps your abdominal, back, hip and pelvic muscles work together for better balance and strength. Max Mix takes core training way beyond crunches, with ever-changing, never-boring tools and moves for ongoing improvement.  Sign up.


Torch those calories, get those lungs and hearts working, and drive your energy through the roof! Not much choreography here, just big muscle movements and big fun to pump you to prime cardio fitness.  Sign up.