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CustomFit Group Class Packages

CustomFit classes are led by some of Savannah’s favorite, most expert fitness professionals. Why not try one today? Multi-class packages are available. Classes on the schedule that say + Zoom are both live in the Center AND livestreaming on Zoom. Pay for the classes you take, you’ll never have to make a membership commitment.

New Student Special
10 Classes
Unlimited Classes
One Month Unlimited Classes
10 Livestream Classes

Core Burn-  Crush your core. Torch your torso. Bet you didn’t know there were so many ways to focus on this area. But we know, and that’s what it’s all about!

HIITmix- (H)igh (I)ntensity (I)nterval (T)raining ramps up the metabolism with bursts of intensity between moderate work. Let’s do this mix with a variety of equipment and workout styles. A sure way to torch the calories.

Muscle-n-Motion- Your body was made to moo-oo-oove. Join us for a cardio and core workout that will leave you feeling exhilarated! YES!

SPORTmix- (S)trength (P)rogressive (O)verload (R)esistance (T)raining. 

Who is your best competitor? YOU. What challenges you will change you!

TRXpress Mix- A little of THIS and a little of THAT. Variety will spice up your workout. Using the very efficient TRX with other strength equipment like weights, tubing, physio-balls, and SO MUCH MORE!

TRX-MetaBlast- A very efficient piece of equipment put to creative use to BLAST your metabolism. Feel all systems ignited in this workout.

Yoga 4 Athletes- Best cross-training for any sport is yoga. A perfect way to improve your athletic performance. Life is a sport!

YogaMotion- Mindful Movement with a fusion of strength, endurance, and restoration to benefit ANY BODY.

Super Saturday- this class delivers a different theme, the first Saturday of each month. Check it out!

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