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Benefits of percussive therapy during your CustomFit workout in Savannah GA

Is percussive therapy just a fad, or is it a legitimate recovery tool? Since the first massage gun was invented in 2008, percussive therapy has become a widely accepted form of sports recovery. The
massage gun is designed to deliver accelerated bursts of force into the muscle and fascia tissues of the body. These massage guns can potentially reach layers of muscles and reduce pain as well as the hands of an expert massage therapist.

Unlike a traditional massage, percussive therapy desensitizes a sore muscle. It interrupts the pain signal of your nervous system and can allow better movement and better healing. The percussive therapy tools we use at CustomFit were developed by a physical therapist in search of pain relief after he was involved in a motorcycle accident. They say necessity is the mother of invention, after all. And the staff at CustomFit have undergone Performance Specialist training through the
inventor’s own education program.

Independent Studies show percussive therapy provides measurable benefits. Here are a few significant benefits:

1. Percussive Therapy Reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness causes not only discomfort, but
discouragement to any athlete at any age or ability level. Using
percussive therapy after a tough workout or training session can
minimize your post workout soreness, so you’re more likely to enjoy
continuing your training.

2. Improved Range of Motion (ROM) With Percussive Therapy
Improved joint range of motion and increased flexibility during and
after a workout has been shown in studies. And we know from other
kinds of research into flexibility that a more flexible muscle feels
better and has the potential to get stronger than an inflexible muscle.

3. Percussive Therapy Improves Blood Circulation and Fluid Distribution in Muscle and Fascia
Percussive therapy combined with a pre-exercise warm up, or with a
post-exercise cool down, has been shown to increase blood flow and
improve fluid exchange. Prior to exercise, this can help your muscles
activate and energize more effectively. After your workout, your
relaxation and recovery changes for the better.

4. Provides a Convenient Approach to Muscle Fatigue and Pain Relief
While it doesn’t take the place of a great, versatile massage
therapist, percussive therapy is a fast and convenient way to take
care of your muscles in a workout session at CustomFit or at home.
Percussive therapy guns are portable, so they can be used anywhere at
any time to address your muscle aches.

Better Muscle Performance at CustomFit in Savannah

Athletes use percussive therapy during warm-up to prep for a challenging workout, in between sets of exercises to make the next set more effective, and after a workout along with compression and
hot-cold therapy for recovery. We encourage you to channel your inner athlete, but first please consult your doctor or your physical therapist before trying a percussive therapy device, especially if you have any existing medical conditions or injuries. While there are conditions which can benefit from the use of percussive therapy, there are certainly conditions which demand caution. Safety first at CustomFit Center!

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