Why CustomFit

You’ve never been drawn to those big corporate fitness centers. You find the machinery impersonal, the memberships pricy. And those exercises seem geared toward, well, some other body. Standard health clubs leave you feeling isolated, ignored and intimidated. You dream of a gym with a personal touch, a place run BY REAL PEOPLE, FOR REAL PEOPLE—an UN-GYM. You dream of a place called CUSTOMFIT.

At CustomFit, THE DOOR IS OPEN. No need to sign up for elaborate memberships! Just walk in and take a GROUP CLASS. Try TRX, Max-Strength, Ninja Circuit, or one of the other group classes that strikes your fancy. Your friendly trainer will interact with you to learn your strengths, and customize each exercise to best suit your specific needs. In no time, your journey to fitness and well-being will begin.


Fun Stuff


Small Groups

You’re a “regular” in CustomFit Group Classes and you’re starting to feel fit, healthy and confident. But maybe you’re beginning to level off. You want to PUSH BEYOND THE STATUS QUO, dig deeper, and truly tap your potential. You’re ready for SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING.

In Small Group, YOUR TRAINER TRULY KNOWS YOU, understands your strengths and limitations, and works with your FMS (Functional Movement Screen) to design exercises that enhance your individual movement quality. These custom exercises not only decrease your chances of injury but provide a clear path to your OPTIMAL FITNESS POTENTIAL.



"You pay for services as you go.
No membership required."

Group Classes

Because your goal is to be lean, fit, and healthy for the long haul, not just temporarily. Because you know you need a program that fits your goals, schedule, budget, AND is fun and challenging all at the same time. And, because you don’t want a cookie cutter approach because, after all, you are not a cookie.

At CustomFit Center you won’t find the gym drudgery with impersonal banks of cardio equipment and lines for weight machines. Nor do you have to commit to a membership contract that you may or may not use on a regular basis. No membership required. You pay for services as you go so you can build a program that works for your schedule, budget, and lifestyle. Maybe group classes fit your bill. Or, perhaps you’d like to pursue that extra edge in a few small group training sessions. Why not even mix in a few of each to reach your goals? No matter what is your best fit, we’ve got you covered. Each workout is personal and interactive…just call us Savannah’s Un-Gym. At CustomFit you aren’t just a number.

  • Individual Training
    Single Session $70
    Stretching Session $35
    Small Group Training: Intro to CustomFit $159*
    Partner Pair $45 a session
    Group of 3 $35 a session
    Group of 4 to 5 $25 a session
Group Classes

Unlimited Classes Monthly

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  • $18  Single Class Drop In
  • $110   10 Class Pass
  • $49*   New Student Special
    *21 Days unlimited group classes
Other Services
  • Intro to CustomFit w/3 sessions $159
  • Individual sessions 10x in 8 weeks $650
  • Thai Yoga Massage $70
  • Good-Better-Best Nutrition $125

Training, Class, and Account Policies

  • * Intro to CustomFit is required prior to joining Longevity classes, small group training, and individual personal training. This package includes an FMS screen and 2 personal training sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer to ensure the best integration into our programming.
  • - All 10-session and 10-class passes hold a 2-month expiration.
  • - 24-hour cancellation notice is required for all appointment based training, nutrition, and massage sessions and 6 hour notice for all group classes (excluding emergencies).
  • - All participants will be charged a "no-show fee" of $10 for any missed classes, for which there is registration without a cancellation.
  • - Auto Debit contracts require a minimum of 4 months.
  • - In order to utilize house account to charge pro-shop items, a credit card will be required to be on file. Clients utilizing this benefit will be notified at the end of each month of any balance due. All balances due will be applied to credit card on file the 5th of the following month, unless other payment arrangements are made.

"pursue that extra edge in a few small group training sessions"