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We are now Live-Streaming our Fitness Classes from our Fitness Center in Savannah GA

If you have already been seeing more of your yoga mat and walking shoes since the quarantine period started, but if the poses, butt-strengthening (?) calisthenics, and deep-breathing exercises stored in your hippocampus from previous classes are getting fuzzy, your local exercise instructors at CustomFit Center are here to help you stay active at home by moving their sessions online.

Four group exercise classes per week, classes which are ongoing live at CustomFit Center, will livestream via Zoom beginning Monday July 13.

If you have a current Facebook Live Monthly class pass, Unlimited Monthly class pass, 10 Class pass, or Single Drop In Pass for classes in the Center, they will apply to Zoom classes as well.

If you don’t have a class pass, and you want to “attend” our + Zoom classes, you can purchase a Zoom 10 Class Pass for $99. The Zoom 10 Class Pass, just like our regular 10 Class Pass, expires in 2 months. Once you have a valid pass you will be able to enroll in the class of your choice, purchase one here:  https://customfitcenter.pike13.com/shop

We also Live-Stream our Personal Training Sessions from our Fitness Center in Savannah GA

YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE ON OUR PIKE13 SYSTEM TO ATTEND A ZOOM CLASS. All caps for emphasis, I promise I’m not yelling 🙂 If you are unfamiliar with your PIKE13 account or just plain forgot how to use it, we can help you set or reset it, email us at info@customfitcenter.com

If you are pre-registered for class, you will receive the link and password for the Zoom class no later than 2 hours prior to class by EMAIL. We will not be delivering text invites, sorry, please check your email for your sign-in information. We reserve the right for security of your passes and to avoid Zoom bombers to change the password up to 2 hours before class.

It could go without saying but it won’t, please don’t share the link and password with anyone who hasn’t purchased a pass.

Help us help you in this way as we get started to reduce mad dashes and last minute scrambles. We have live participants in the Center to prepare for as well.

We will leave our previously recorded Facebook Live videos up on our Facebook page for now, for you to workout with anytime.

So what is the schedule?  Monday 6:15pm Yoga for Runners + Zoom, Tuesday 9:30am HIIT2b Fit + Zoom, Wednesday 6:15pm CustomCore Burn + Zoom, and Saturday 9:30am CustomMax Circuit + Zoom. 

Two mornings and two evenings a week, at least to start. Formats that don’t require a whole bunch of equipment, so you can make the most of them wherever you are.

We want your feedback! So don’t hesitate to share. We’re working hard to be your ultimate workout partners, always, and this isn’t really working for us unless you say it’s working for you.

Stay fit, healthy, and safe!

CustomFit Fitness Center in Savannah, GA

Please call for an appointment so we can show you around. You’ll notice when you walk in the door that our trainers are busy with training clients, our instructors are busy teaching classes. And we want to be sure we spend some dedicated time with you, answering your questions and listening to your goals. No membership contracts and we offer a variety of single-visit and multi-class passes. Classes, one-on-one training, small group training with friends or family, everything we do is designed to help you reach your goals.  Call CustomFit Center: (912) 441-4891

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