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It is time for Back To School Fitness. Act now! Visit our studio at 101-A West Park Ave. We are open Monday through Saturday.

Any other year it would be back-to-school time, and we’d be talking about getting back on track with your school and professional and workout schedule.

But this isn’t any other year, is it? We are lucky to have work, and we might be working from home and schooling from home. Or maybe back in the workplace and juggling school at home and childcare. Or maybe some other combination that none of us would have imagined.

Time to re-imagine taking care of your health and fitness in the midst of all these demands. Too many demands to imagine it? That’s where we come in.

Act now! CustomFit Center is here for you, at 101-A West Park Ave. We can imagine you here, and we can also imagine you’d like personal training or group classes on the Zoom platform from wherever you are!

Contact us at (912) 441-4891 or email us​ info@customfitcenter.com<mailto:info@customfitcenter.com> for an appointment, we are open by appointment only, under strict Savannah Safe health standards.

Let’s talk about where self-care fits into your life in Savannah GA

Stay strong and healthy, ready to face the next challenge with a great mindset and great stamina. CustomFit Center offers many back-to-school-season fitness options, both on-line and at our studio at 101-A West Park Ave. in downtown Savannah, Ga. Take advantage of multiple-pass packages, or pay per session if you prefer, and don’t worry about signing a contract. We don’t have one!

You have many options in designing your back-to-school-season fitness program. Our trainers are the imaginative types who will gladly help you find the individual training or group classes that will make this school year feel like a hurdle you can cross – not a barrier but an opportunity to see how strong and resilient you can be.

Contact us at (912) 441-4891 or email us​ info@customfitcenter.com<mailto:info@customfitcenter.com>

Enjoy back-to-school-season fitness programs in Savannah, Ga.

Yogo for Runners in Savannah, GA

Yoga for Runners +Zoom, presented 6:15pm every Monday at CustomFit Center near beautiful Forsyth Park. This class is also available weekly with your Zoom Class Pass, so you can enjoy this practice safe from home. Learn how much yoga improves your running and any other athletic activity! We actually want to change the name to Yoga for Athletes and all y’all, what do you think? Register on our schedule system at least 2 hours prior to class start time, at https://customfitcenter.pike13.com/schedule

”Real Life” has always been stressful, and now it’s even more important to find a healthy way to manage that stress and avoid the unfortunate consequences it causes. Getting a steady yoga practice going is a great way to reduce stress (or as we like to say, ugly stress build-up). Practicing yoga weekly or even more frequently promotes a healthy release for your body and mind. And there are so many aspects of yoga that splash over into everyday life to help you de-stress in the moment! Good breathing, good posture, good balance, you’ll find multiple ways to bring your yoga practice into your day, and into your sports performance as well.

Classes and training CustomFit Center offers classes and training, in person or livestream, but requires no contract.

Choose from a menu of multi-class and single-visit options, or get into individual and small group personal training. The trainers at CustomFit Center consider themselves “fitness aficionados” eager to offer expert advice and encouragement.

Whatever you want to try, please call CustomFit Center for an appointment: (912) 441-4891. We are observing Savannah Safe standards, so we are keeping careful track of who is coming and going through our space. You’ll notice when you walk in the door that our trainers are busy with training clients, our instructors are busy teaching classes. And we want to be sure we spend some dedicated time with you, answering your questions and listening to your goals.

Classes, one-on-one training, small group training with friends or family, everything we do is designed to help you reach your goals.​ Call CustomFit Center: (912) 441-4891.

Back to School Nutrition Plans in Savannah, GA

An easy hole for students, parents – heck, anybody – to fall into is only eating prepackaged food. And intellectually you may know that more processed food is less nutritious and more difficult for your body to handle. But in the moment, when you’re too busy and too hungry and too rushed to think about it, there it is. Food traps like this, however, can turn your metabolism into a kind of quagmire. Your brain and your digestion and your energy will become more sluggish. Plus, we know you can’t out-exercise an unhealthy diet.

Good news! We have the expertise and the technology to help you learn easy, clean, and yes TASTY food solutions! Good food can be quick to prepare, easy to grab and go, and meet your nutrition needs in a much better way than that stuff in pouches.

Yes, CustomFit Center also has a menu of in person or livestream nutrition classes and individual training. Yes, your nutrition training deserves the same focus and technique considerations as your exercise!

Call CustomFit Center for a nutrition appointment: (912) 441-4891 or email us​ info@customfitcenter.com<<mailto:info@customfitcenter.com>>


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