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Improve your movement quality with Functional Movement Personal Training at downtown Savannah’s CustomFit Center.

Here’s a great way to improve your coordination, flexibility, core, balance, and strength.

Functional Movement Personal Training is a system to improve your movement quality so you can move more, with a lower risk of injury. We all know that moving more is good for your health in so many ways, from disease prevention to sleep improvement to weight control. 

Sometimes moving more feels great, but sometimes it causes old injuries to flare up, or new ones to creep in.

Whether you are an athlete training for a big event or a senior citizen striving to remain independent and flexible, functional movement training can help you get past your fear of getting hurt trying to get ahead.

Functional Movement Personal Training combines core exercises to help correct muscle imbalances, with assisted or resisted exercises as needed to make the most of the strength you have. The exercises are tailored to your individual ability — or as we often say, we work with the body you brought with you on any given day.

Making your life better with Functional Movement Personal Training in Savannah GA

Rather than focusing on one set of muscles, functional movement training challenges integrated muscle groups, and encourages the full body to be connected and involved. This builds balance and core coordination, and lessens the chance of back injuries.

Any exercise in the gym should enhance your activities outside the gym. Lunges in CustomFit Center will help you climb stairs with ease and jog the park. Squats and planks will help you sit, stand, lift and carry. Yoga is excellent for stabilizing joints, enhancing muscle flexibility, and reducing stress.

The philosophy of Functional Movement Personal Training calls for exercises which improve your muscular balance, mobility, stability, strength, and performance. A weak link in the chain of your muscular balance can cause a cascade of aches and potential injury. Even routine repetitive movement patterns like the way you sit at your laptop or carry a suitcase can contribute to imbalances, but once identified they can be corrected.

The Functional Movement Screen identifies your weaknesses, strengths, and overall readiness for strength training or sports. We combine the Functional Movement Screen with a thorough health history review and a Postural Assessment as part of the intake process for every single Personal Training client. When we have a clear picture of your abilities at the start, it points us and you in the proper direction to progress your health and fitness.

CustomFit Center, at 101 West Park Ave., is open Monday through Saturday for training sessions, and has fitness classes scheduled daily.

Classes and Personal Training Sessions in Savannah GA

CustomFit Center offers Personal Fitness Classes and Training, but requires no contract. in Savannah, GA

You can choose from a menu of multi-class and single-visit options, as well as livestream classes and training using the Zoom platform. The selections include individual and small group personal training, as well as a variety fitness class styles.

The trainers at CustomFit Center consider themselves “fitness aficionados” with expert advice and friendly encouragement.

To maintain “Savannah Safe” standards, please call CustomFit Center for an appointment and we can safely show you around: (912) 441-4891

We also offer a “Circuit” Saturday class that is a fantastic way to kick off your weekend!

Please call for an appointment so we can show you around. You’ll notice when you walk in the door that our trainers are busy with training clients, our instructors are busy teaching classes. And we want to be sure we spend some dedicated time with you, answering your questions and listening to your goals. No membership contracts and we offer a variety of single-visit and multi-class passes. Classes, one-on-one training, small group training with friends or family, everything we do is designed to help you reach your goals.  Call CustomFit Center: (912) 441-4891.

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