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Bring A Friend To CustomFit Center in Savannah GA

you for visiting our website.   If you are already one of our members at CustomFit Center<http://www.customfitcenter.com/>, we hope you are getting the results you crave and will be with us a long time. 

We have a special offer for all our members who invite a friend along! 

There are many reasons why and how it benefits you both.  Our Friendvitation deal is a pretty immediate benefit, because you and your friend each enjoy a discount on your visit, be it a class or a training session.

When you are introducing them to CustomFit<http://www.customfitcenter.com/> remember to tell them there is no pressure if they do decide they want to take advantage of our super-efficient-simple-equipment workouts, with guidance from our expert teachers and trainers. No pressure because you can pay as you go – no contracts. So why not, right?  Try us out for a class or a partner session, or one of our new student or intro packages, they may find the perfect fit for their exercise needs and be a vibrant part of our community.

Try one of our customized programs at our Fitness Center for in Savannah GA

What is the benefit to you if they join? You have a workout buddy! 

Whether you work out together or become accountability buddies on different schedules, it is proven that you both will find greater results and enjoy the journey.

Here are the facts, many people who workout solely on their own will drop a course soon after it begins, but only a few will dropout if they workout with a friend. Not a bad idea to invite someone to try CustomFit Center<http://www.customfitcenter.com/>. We are sure they will enjoy their experience and all of the opportunities for improvement! At CustomFit, we don’t disappoint. Like we often say, you always feel better on the way out!

We make it easy to get an invite. Just tell them about our website<http://www.customfitcenter.com/> so they can see it and all our “good stuff.”  

Fitness Center for Seniors in Savannah, GA

Covid-19 UPDATE

Remember, during this time of Covid-19 we have strict guidelines of masking, distancing, sanitizing, and traffic guidance to reduce gathering. This is all to protect you, other members, and us. Thanks for complying. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy.  

We also have a Zoom

schedule<https://www.customfitcenter.pike13.com/schedule/>. Check out the class formats that say “+Zoom” or just give us a call.

We are always here. We want you to want to be here too. Hope to see you and your friends soon — ’til next time, get your fitness on!

Please call for an appointment so we can show you around. You’ll notice when you walk in the door that our trainers are busy with training clients, our instructors are busy teaching classes. And we want to be sure we spend some dedicated time with you, answering your questions and listening to your goals. No membership contracts and we offer a variety of single-visit and multi-class passes. Classes, one-on-one training, small group training with friends or family, everything we do is designed to help you reach your goals.  Call CustomFit Center: (912) 441-4891

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