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CustomFit utilizes a mixture of exercise modalities to address anyone’s needs and preferences in order to build a program that will work now and into the future. None of us has time to waste these days and CustomFit can help you develop a program specifically for your goals and help you learn how to be more effective in your workouts. Whether your goals are general health and fitness or to cross the finish line as fast and strong as possible you will find it here!

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Chris Sywassink

I have trained in multiple workout center’s in Savannah, but Customfit is by far the most innovative, adaptive and challenging in the surrounding area. All others fail in comparison. If you desire training at a high level Customfit Center is your one stop shop. The highly trained staff motivates you while keeping things real and exciting pushing you to achieve the results that you desire

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Tammie Mosley, Attorney

I found Nancy and CustomFit shortly before turning 40 and that was the best turn of life gift I could have ever received. For the first time in my life, someone spoke the “language of exercise/fitness” that my brain and body understood. CustomFit has seen me through 3 surgeries. With guidance and hard work, I returned after each surgery and know that my recovery was shorter and easier because of Nancy and CustomFit. CustomFit is “custom made” for me!

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Maria Dixon, Web Designer

I used to think that going for a run or long walk was enough to stay in shape and be healthy, but I was neglecting my core muscles. Wanting a higher level of fitness, I tried CustomFit’s single class option. It gave me the freedom to try something different without the upfront commitment. In the end, I got hooked on TRX (or whatever hooked you – the workouts, the people, the instruction). Attending class in the morning brings structure to my self employed schedule and makes me feel like I can tackle any challenge that I’ll face throughout the day. However, knowing that I can also come after my workday gives me a flexibility that has ensured I am consistent, which has made the difference in my success. I look forward to seeing the other members and my instructors, who are so incredibly supportive because CustomFit isn’t a gym, it’s a community.

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Meg Lego, Local Business Owner, Runner

I have been attending Nancy’s TRX classes for about 4 months and LOVE IT! I can tell a huge difference in my muscle development and strength. The TRX has strengthened my back to the point that I rarely have back problems. I injured my back in 2004 and have suffered sciatic pain ever since. Through TRX training this pain has seemed to subside. Furthermore, Nancy is such an energetic and fun instructor, and also very in tune to each person’s form and fitness level. I have taken classes at other facilities, but the level of instruction Nancy provides far exceeds those. I leave the class with a great sense of accomplishment EVERY week. THANK YOU NANCY and CUSTOMFIT!

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Tessie J. Adams, Medical Practice Administrator, Recreational Athelete and Mom

“After my finance’ proposed, I was so excited to start planning our wedding. This was going to be my Cinderella moment. However, this Cinderella couldn’t get the dress to zip. I had started running with my mom and was able to drop a few pounds, but my body hadn’t changed. Fearing that I might not be able to breathe on my wedding day, my mom introduced me to Nancy. I had been an athlete for years and thought I knew the correct way to lift weights, stretch and train my body. Thank God, Nancy is used to working with people like me. After, I left my ego at the door, Nancy taught me how to use my body in ways that not only helped me get the results I wanted, but didn’t end up in an injury. She not only taught us how to do the exercises, but the muscle it worked. I had never enjoyed working out, but going to Nancy’s classes didn’t seem like a traditional workout. Now, don’t get me wrong they were hard, but I looked forward to them. I started seeing results on the scales and my body was changing. I was no longer was worried about being a “fat” bride on someone’s mantel piece. The day of truth came with great success. My dress zipped and I could breathe. Nancy, my own fairy godmother, not only helped me achieve my Cinderella story, but set me on the right path of achieving mind and body strength. Thanks, Nancy and CustomFit.”

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Cliff Caldwell, Aviation Industry

“As humans we are faced with many difficulties. Many of us suffer with weight issues. I have struggled for 20 years, I have known Nancy four years. Three and half of them I did not avail myself of her knowledge and energy. I finally found my gumption to make the changes I needed.

It is never too late and you are never too broken. If there is a person who will be the one to give you the support you need, the encouragement to continue, the power to succeed it is Nancy. If you are ready to make the commitment she is ready to help you achieve your goals. I have dealt with many people in my professional and personal life with unsatisfactory results. There are very few people who are professionally as serious, and as passionate that deliver; Nancy is one of those persons. When you find a person who is truly committed to your well being then that is something truly precious and something not to be taken lightly.

Making the decision to change your life and the way you live it is not an easy one. Having a coach who is non-judgmental and wants to help is important, and wanting to see you reach your goals 100% is a necessity. Nancy is that kind, and spiritual person. I say without reservation, that Nancy is the person to help YOU reach your goals, whatever they may be. If you are a trained athlete or a person who wants to get better fit, she truly understands, and has the knowledge to get you to the next level. I owe my life to her.”

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Dr. John Hargrove, DC, Sports Injury Specialist

At the Holistic Health Center of Savannah we recognize the critical role of exercise in maintaining health and function. Nancy at CustomFit has become an important resource for delivering exceptional education about exercise. We rely on her talent to complete the cycle of rehabilitation and long-term performance for our patients. She simply is the best.

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LeeAnn Aldridge, Attorney, Athlete

“I have been athletic and involved in sports all of my life. Over the past year and a half, I feel that I have fine tuned my body and my overall fitness to a level that I had previously not achieved – and this at the age of 42. The difference? I met Nancy a year and a half ago and started training with her. Nancy is the consummate professional. My time with Nancy has become much more than hourly training sessions or classes – it has turned into a lifestyle. I have learned from her not only about fitness, but also about nutrition and my body. On top of it all, Nancy is a gentle and calming influence in my life – one who is genuinely interested in how I feel, both physically and emotionally.”

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Custom Fit is a Gem!

Nancy Mia worked with me as my personal trainer for 2+ years while she lived in Charleston. I am 50+ and her life and fitness coaching helped me achieve and maintain my goals. I have major health issues and she taught me to build core strength, tone muscles and burn those excess calories. My legs NEVER looked so great although I complained about sweating every session. Utltimately I have been much healthier. I miss her so much and I have not been able to find another trainer with her special touch. Savannah …take advantage of this Jewel. I wish I had the time to drive down.
-The Whinny One