Double-down on your goals, learn lots about fitness and nutrition, and have tons of group fun with CustomFit’s periodic Special Programs.

New Yoga Year/New Yoga Beginnings

Saturday January 26th 11am-12:30pm — Have you tried yoga before but found it boring? Are you concerned about the spiritual aspects associated with it? Maybe you believe you are not flexible enough to do yoga. Good news, Tina Nelson is here! As Tina will tell you, yoga is interesting. And yoga wants you to be happy with whatever faith you embrace. Yoga will help you become flexible and resilient and strong, even if you aren’t already. Give it a try… Send us your questions in advance, so Tina can tailor the workshop to answer them. Learn how yoga can help you move and feel better, even if you are doing other kinds of exercise. You will get to try some poses and have some fun with it, yes that’s right, we said fun. $29 per person early bird registration by Jan. 16. Register here.

10-Day Fat Blaster

Come jump-start or ramp up your fitness with our 10-Day Fat Blaster: a do-able 10 days of clean eating and unique, customizable 30-minute daily workouts. All fitness levels are welcome. Come see how much fat YOU can blast!
$149 per person. Offered periodically. Learn more.

Peak Running Challenge

Running performance depends on a strong, balanced body. Starting with our FMS (Functional Movement Screen), this course will identify your movement and balance issues and help you improve your mobility, stability, and strength—all of which will help you run more easily, more efficiently and, of course, faster! The Peak Running Challenge includes 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks, with every week bringing you new, useful techniques. Whether you’re a beginning runner or an advanced one, you’ll see definite improvement week by week and in the long run, too. $189 per person. Info here on upcoming sessions. Learn more.

Holiday Blitz

November 25 – December 15, 2018 It’s our annual holiday gift to you: CustomFit’s free, end-of-year fitness competition. Grab a buddy, think up a team name, and attend special Blitz fitness workouts to earn points and prizes. And it all ends up with a party! What a great way to enjoy healthy holidays–and start your new year in what could be your best shape yet. Contact us for more info.