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Seasonal Programs

Double-down on your goals, learn lots about fitness and nutrition, and have tons of group fun with our periodic Seasonal Programs.


Gut Check Challenge

$ 15.99 / Month
  • We are so busy getting all our stuff done that we don’t see our patterns until we have a problem. A problem with your digestion can cause a broad spectrum of inflammatory responses. From something as benign as a stuffy nose, to something as serious as diabetes. Emma will find the patterns. While she’s looking, she’s going to give you some swaps. Got that inflated stomach after your meals so you feel like “grace under pressure?” Swap out that miserable-ready-to-burst feeling, swap in foods that lead to actual comfort. Got cravings? Swap that out, without starving. Maybe you have energy swings? Swap that out with something steadying to keep you on an even keel.

Peak Running Challenge

$ 189.00
  • Running performance depends on a strong, balanced body. Starting with our FMS (Functional Movement Screen), this course will identify your movement and balance issues and help you improve your mobility, stability, and strength—all of which will help you run more easily, more efficiently and, of course, faster! The Peak Running Challenge includes 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks, with every week bringing you new, useful techniques. Whether you’re a beginning runner or an advanced one, you’ll see definite improvement week by week and in the long run, too. $189 per person. Info here on upcoming sessions.

Holiday Blitz

$ 35.99 / Month
  • It’s our annual holiday gift to you: CustomFit’s free, December fitness competition. Grab a buddy, think up a team name, and attend special Blitz fitness workouts to earn points and prizes. And it all ends up with a party! What a great way to enjoy healthy holidays–and start your new year in what could be your best shape yet.

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