Welcome Back — We have re-opened with guidance from the State of Georgia, CDC, and the City of Savannah “Savannah Safe” Pledge.

We will reopen Monday, June 1st, armed with guidance from the State of Georgia, CDC, American College of Sports Medicine, IDEA Health & Fitness Association, and the City of Savannah “Savannah Safe” Pledge.

We never imagined being where we are right now. Yet here we are, and we’re making the best of it. The resilience you have demonstrated is our inspiration!

We never knew how much we meant to you. And now we know, because you embraced our new classes and trainings and threw us life rings and sent us love notes. What a wonderful outpouring during a troubling and disarming time!

We’re still around and we remain committed, at our core and with every fiber of our collective being, to your health and wellness.

Meanwhile, the trouble isn’t over. Covid-19  is still around, a virus that remains virulent. We are acutely aware of the influence of Time, Space, People, and Place on your safety and ours. Time spent together, distance apart from each other, number of people present, and indoors or outdoors — all these are essential factors to manage our risk. Fortunately, our business model can work with these essential factors in mind.

Please read into the details below for new guidelines for attending classes and training sessions.

Why so strict? The more strict we are with our strategy now, the more likely we can help reduce the risk for our community, and eventually relax over time. For now we remain vigilant.

We are continuing livestream training on Zoom and WhatsApp, and working out the details of ongoing livestream classes for those of you who prefer to exercise either from home or without a mask. Today the Governor of Georgia extended the shelter in place requirement, until June 12, 2020, for people over 65 and for the medically fragile. If you are immune compromised, have compromised lung function, or for any other reason need to continue to shelter, we will still deliver your fitness training.

A new video was prepared with the hope that seeing is believing. When you see how the Center has been re-imagined with safety and distancing and access to sanitizing in mind, you will see how much it means to us to keep you all safe and fit.

Take a look, and please take a moment to email or text us with your comments or concerns.

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