Individual Training

You strive for excellence. You PURSUE YOUR DREAMS TO THE LIMIT, seeking that place of exquisite personal fulfillment. You happily DEDICATE YOURSELF TO THE JOURNEY and treasure each glorious moment along the way. You are ready to OWN your best body. You are ready for INDIVIDUAL TRAINING.

By nature, Individual (One-on-one) Training is custom designed to meet your personal needs and goals. Your trainer is committed to you, and uses your FMS (Functional Movement Screen) to engage you in a program specific to your particular movement patterns. Your trainer studies your past injuries or pain patterns to develop exercises that focus on restoring OPTIMAL MOVEMENT MECHANICS.

If you have an injury or post-rehab issue, Individual Training is right for you. If your schedule is too unpredictable for Small Group Training, Individual Training is available to meet your needs. If your heart is set on a particular achievement—to run a marathon in a certain time, to participate in a triathlon, to excel in another sport, to maintain top condition in a physically demanding job, or to become the best you can be in a completely focused, private environment—Individual Training just might be the perfect fit for you.

Your Individual Trainer is there to personally, attentively remind you of your own dreams and goals, and enthusiastically encourage you to translate them into positive thoughts and actions. The result will be the LEANEST, FITTEST, HEALTHIEST, BEST YOU IMAGINABLE.