Fun Stuff

Thai Yoga Massage

Don't just lie there, move and feel the difference Thai Yoga Massage makes! Thai Yoga Massage combines gentle, yoga-like stretching with massage of the muscles, tendons, pressure points and energy lines, known as Sen in Thailand and Meridians in China. Done on a mat as opposed to a table, it allows the practitioner to get needed body leverage to assist you in stretches and postures. Depending on your needs, Thai Yoga Massage technique may also employ the elbows, knees, and feet in addition to the hands. The pressure can be adjusted to your preference. Less pressure should be used on your initial visit, while more can be applied as your body adapts and tolerates deeper work. Always feel free to request the level of pressure that feels right for you. Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage can include: Relief from stress and muscle tension; Improved mood; Relief from body aches and pains; General increase in energy; Improved circulation; Increased flexibility and range of motion; and, Improved alignment. Available in 30, 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions. Book now because we all need all the benefits, right?

Holiday BLITZ

At the end of the year, the CustomFit Team likes to give back to all those that have worked so hard and made CustomFit Center the great place that it is.  What better way than to have the most fun competition with your fellow workout buddies ever and, keep the body you've worked so hard on all year.  No fee to enter - just grab a buddy, come up with a team name, and come to classes and participate in special "BLITZ workouts" to earn points.  At the end we have a Holiday workout party and give out prizes for the winning teams, prizes for creativity, prizes for hard work, and have a generally good time. What a great way to end the year and keep "Lose Holiday Pounds" off everyone's New Year's Resolution List?

10-Day Fat Blaster

30-minute workouts, good nutrition, 10 consecutive days.  Who can't do that?  Want a great start to blasting your unwanted fat and habits?  This is definitely it.  Although we don't typically like quick fix programs, this one is is a START to great habits that, after 10 consecutive days, will leave you feeling great and wanting to continue.  Take the Fat Blaster Challenge..TEN days.  Will you do it?

Our next Fat blasting session is April 5 through 14, 2017. To blast your fat, click HERE, go to the "10-Day Fat Blaster" tab and make the commitment to be better!

CustomClean! The most innovative concept in detox. Ever.

Dates: To be announced Four weeks to a cleaner, leaner, more fabulous you!

Informational meetings:
To be announced

The Concept:
These days everyone has heard at least some buzz about “detoxing.” However, for many, questions still remain: What exactly IS detoxing? Is it for me? Do I need to do a detox if I eat pretty well, most of the time? If you have chronic issues such as skin rashes, breakouts, allergies, heartburn, other GI disturbances or chronic fatigue, detoxing can be quite beneficial. But all programs are not created equal, nor are they appropriate for everyone.

That is why we created CustomClean - an affordable, individualized, progressive detox (cleanse) program that is based on cleansing and healing the body by improving nutrition. You won’t drink concoctions, starve on lemon water, or see any number of other “methods” that are impossible to maintain long-term and can even be downright dangerous. Because, we believe that IS the point – to make changes in health that bring us to a more vibrant state of being, for the long term.

For the first time ever we are extremely excited to offer 2 weekly podcasts instead of our traditional lecture during the Saturday session. This will break the information into smaller bites so that you can really absorb and retain it. It also means we can spend our time together on Saturdays doing some exercise, team building, and sharing our individual journeys. We will discuss inflammation, the root of most chronic disease, as well as your body’s hormonal system and new research on the roll genetics plays in our health. We will help you explore the attitudes and beliefs that drive your own eating behaviors and help you practice positive, healthy alternatives. Because CustomClean is a group program, you will receive constant feedback and support to get you through the highs and lows of your program. We are also excited to provide you our exclusive CustomClean Manual. Each week you will add information about health, nutrition, and your own body, plus recipes and other reference material like food lists and meal plans based on your own profile. When complete, it will be a veritable gold mine of support that will help you maintain your new found health and vibrancy, forever!

This is how CustomClean works: each week you listen to two 30-minute podcasts in which we present the weeks “lesson”. Then, on Saturday we all gather to review the material and work out together. Each week you have tasks to complete that are specific to that week’s information and to your own journey. We help individualize your program to make it perfect for you because we don’t believe in black-and-white thinking or cookie-cutter approaches. Our goal is to provide the information you need to make your program work optimally for you and supply the tools to keep you progressing after the program is complete.

We provide tools for a cleaner lifestyle after your detox. We offer clean-cooking lessons to those interested. Cooking simple, healthy meals does not have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive. You will learn techniques and methods that will become the basis for a whole variety of clean and delicious meals. In addition, you will take home the food we cook during the lesson plus a main dish that you take home to cook the following week. For most, it is enough for an entire week of clean eating!

All of this culminates in an experience that will not only be a catalyst for change to your health, fitness, weight, and attitude, but one that we believe has the capacity to be truly transformational across the entire scope of your life.

Each of our coaches brings years of experience and program development to CustomClean. They have helped hundreds of people live better and can do the same for you. Whether you are suffering from chronic fatigue, have a few stubborn pounds to lose, or simply know you’re going to need to detox after the holidays; CustomClean is your secret weapon. Stop making the same old resolutions to drop a few pounds and cut back on the junk and take this step to change your body—and lifestyle—for good!

Cost: $279
REGISTER BEFORE 1/1/17 and get 15% off!!!

Take CustomClean and our 10-Day Fat Blaster for The Ultimate Clean Challenge - 6 weeks to a totally NEW you.

The Ultimate Clean Challenge: Put our 10-day Fat Blaster and CustomClean together to take The Ultimate Clean Challenge. Six weeks of clean eating, gentle detoxing and exercise will bring your body and mind to a completely different level of health and fitness. With six weeks under your belt, the changes you see and feel will be your new way of life.

A $428 value, if you take The Challenge, we’ll give it to you for just $359!

REGISTER BEFORE 1/1/17 and get 5% off!!!

Our next CustomClean session is To be announced click HERE, go to the "Special Programs" tab and make the commitment.

The Ultimate Clean Challenge

You will never be the same after this 6-weeks.  CustomFit is prepared to challenge you to reach the best health of your life by combining our 10-Day Fat Blaster AND CustomClean programs.  For those that commit to both - to The ULTIMATE CLEAN CHALLENGE - we give you both programs for a deal you can't pass up and promise you will never believe the health and fitness you can achieve when you set your mind to it.

Peak Running (“PR”) Challenge

Want to be a more efficient, faster, better runner? This is your chance! In order to run "better" we must move better, which means improving core strength, balance, mobility, stability, and coordination. After 6 weeks of specific, individualized drills and exercises based on your own FMS (Functional Movement Screen) results you will have the building blocks for improved movement, which translates to better, more efficient, faster running. We will also pair you up with a buddy to help keep you accountable and, before you know it, you will be running AND moving more fluidly and efficiently. Intended for those who have established running routines.

Clean Cooking

Cooking simple, healthy meals does not have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive. In these unique, interactive cooking classes, you will learn techniques and methods that will become the basis for a whole variety of clean meals. In addition, you will take home the food we cook during the lesson as well as a bonus meal to take home and cook yourself! For most, it is enough for an entire week of clean eating. You will never catch yourself making excuses about how difficult it is to find and prepare healthy meals for you and your family…after these lessons, you’ll have simple tools to do it!