New research backs up all the claims - boost metabolism, build muscle, bolster endurance, best workout in 45 minutes hands down! Serious core work is just the beginning, TRX-Fit will make the best of your body.


Strength makes you capable, mobile, balanced, strong-boned, leaner, better! Get focused on maximizing your muscle with every resistance tool we can offer – weights, kettlebells, tubing, bodyweight, bars – work them all, and they all work for you!

Ninja Circuit

Athletic skills and drills to fire up your warrior side! Not to mention super-heating your metabolism... powering up a variety of tools at multiple circuit training stations, and reaching every muscle in your body, with a new theme each month.


Torch those calories, get those lungs and hearts working and drive your energy through the roof! Not much "choreography" here, just big muscle movements and big fun to pump you to prime cardio condition.


Intervals are a proven way to deliver the best of both – your heart muscle pumping and your skeletal muscle strengthening. You know you want it all – and we want you to have all you want.


Experience yoga for the strength and endurance, and yes -- restoration! A mix to give you what you need to get yourself mindfully moving.

POWER-Fit Pilates

Joseph Pilates called it "Contrology." He is the pioneer who gave us the Classical Mat series, and we add intensity and variety to make the most of every pose. It's efficient, challenging, and no kidding, everyone keeps saying after class, "That's just what I needed."

Butts & Guts

More core, more core, more core. It's your "power house," the center of your body's universe, it's where the movement magic happens. And when your core feels and looks better, all is right with the world. All in 30 minutes.